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I'm Back, Baby...

No, really, I am back and I had another baby... When I first started this blog during the height of the pandemic I thought this would be a great idea to bring anxiety issues to light. I admittedly go lazy and fell into a funk. However, since my last post, literally TONS of things have happened and having a baby is one of them. Just to sum up some of the things that have happened during my hiatus, they include:

  • Having a baby boy, so now I have two boys and my youngest just turned 1!

  • Got COVID (I can't wait to tell y'all how that went)

  • I now permanently work from home

  • Decided it would be a great idea to sign up for a 10k race, knowing I not only hate running, I'm horrible at it.

  • Went to Hawaii for the very first time and fainted (another great story)

  • Decided to take up running as a "hobby" to see how good, or bad, I could be at it.

I'm sure there's plenty more I'm missing, but for now, these gems are going to be a great kicking off point to get us back in the groove of things and talk about how Anxiety has played a role in each of these activities. And trust you me, my friend Anxiety has been along for the ride during all of it. How have I coped? Have I overcome it? Is it still debilitating? and has any of the things I've learned along the way helped? There is no gatekeeping here. I will spill all and hope you take this journey with me to finding light at the end of this fidgety, hyperventilating, nervous, tunnel.

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